Dawn Oree

Dawn Oree

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My love for real estate has been with me as long as I remember.  I as a little girl I would ask my mom to ride through the areas where the Mini Mansions and Mansions were because I loved to admire the beauty of the stained glass windows, the brick facades and the luxury of the area.  We would ride down the beautiful tree-lined blocks of English Village, East Detroit, Sherwood Forrest, Indian Village, Broadstreet area, and U of D District and I would imagine what they looked like inside.   My family has a long history with real estate.  I used to visit my grandfather, my great-uncles, my cousins and my brother on construction sites while they built many of the homes and commercial buildings all over the city and suburbs of Detroit.  Trades taught to my grandfather by his father.  Through my work, I carry on the legacy of generations.

After graduating from Wayne State University with my BFA in Interior Design where I learned how to design and construct commercial interiors, my love of real estate began calling again.

I got my real estate license in 2008.  I was a new agent in the WORST economy since the depression.  I was in Detroit, MI – one of the places hardest hit by the bursting of “The Bubble”.  In that market, in less than nine months, I sold eight homes and made a whopping $9,000 in total commissions!   Now, some of you might not think that’s very good considering the commissions I earned.  I count it a huge victory because many of the homes lost value so fast, the homeowners couldn’t keep up.  I was there to help bridge the gap between financial ruin and sustaining a life for a few families in an economy when many lost everything.  Many of the agents and mortgage brokers I knew didn’t survive the downturn.   I was a newbie, on fire!  I did my best in a real estate environment that was literally imploding.

Not very long after, I moved to Southern California.  I went into other areas of real estate working as a liaison facilitating transactions for hotels, bulk investments for REO’s, and began learning about transactions for oil, gold, diamonds and other commodities.  Eventually I began attending meetings that allowed me to learn about creative real estate transactions and how to facilitate real estate exchanges.  Of course, I became a licensed real estate agent in California.

I moved to Texas, and (of course) couldn’t resist learning and growing more and took on the task of becoming licensed there as well.  Because of my licenses I have a nationwide network of agents that work together to handle your real estate needs!

My clients benefit from my tenacity and my ability to close the deal.  They also benefit from my nationwide network of investors, developers, exchangers, builders, and other real estate professionals.    I’m here to help you list, buy, exchange or lease your property.  My goal is to be the agent you choose over and over again for your residential and commercial investment dreams.

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